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David Chang Now Plans a Korean Barbecue Called Siberia Inside Majordomo

The chef plans to use Brazilian grilling techniques and Korean marinades

A chef stands in front of a sign
David Chang previews Majordomo and Moon Palace at the Palazzo
Venetian [Official Site]

Chef and Ugly Delicious host David Chang isn’t done with Las Vegas yet. His restaurant Majordomo Meat & Fish opened in late December at the Palazzo, and Moon Palace — his quick, casual place to grab Tastys, his ode to the White Manna, the slider burger institution in New Jersey — debuts in sometime in January across from Majordomo.

Now comes word that Chang plans to open a third restaurant dubbed Siberia inside Majordomo. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the restaurant will serve “an all-you-can-eat combination of Brazilian grilling techniques and Korean marinades.” Chang revealed the new restaurant in his podcast The Dave Chang Show.

Two days before the press party for the opening on Majordomo, Chang told his staff that he wanted to open a third restaurant at the resort dedicated to Korean barbecue served on skewers that uses churrascaria cooking technology. In the insanity of opening a new restaurant, Chang asked his staff to take a break from preparations to concentrate on creating Sibreria as a restaurant.

“I knew I needed to break things up, and I were preparing to open up Moon Palace and Majordomo Meat & Fish,” he says on his podcast. “I had been sort of lobbying to open up this sort of all-you-can-eat buffet-type of thing, influenced by Brazilian barbecue, called Siberia, because it’s tucked into the back corner Majordomo Meat & Fish in a space that traditionally has been no man’s land …Whenever a focus is taken off the task at hand, and we work on something else, the best idea comes out. And that was my goal was. Everyone was so stressed out, and the pressure was incredibly palpable that I felt the best thing that we could do is stop, and just slow down to literally work on something else. And quite frankly, it was actually crazy, but I think it worked.”

Chang has long teased that a Korean barbecue would be part of Majordomo Meat & Fish.

“I just mean it’s so uncool to open an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and it’s an ill-advised way for a group like ours to try something completely new and out of our comfort zone,” he says on the podcast. “That’s why I love it …this might be the dumbest idea we’ve ever tried to execute, because I don’t know if it’s going to work, and that’s what makes it exciting.”

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