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Fergusons Downtown to Add More Dining, Bars, Plus a Skate Park

Expanding next door and upgrading the Market in the Alley

The neighborhood surrounding the Fergusons Downtown complex, planning to add new bars and dining.
Fergusons Downtown
Fergusons Downtown/Official Site

Seven years in the making, the transformation of the former Fergusons Motel as the pivot point for the continued revival of Fremont East is entering its next stage, with the proposed addition of a skate park, even more bars and restaurants, and a mission to fulfill its advertised promise of “everything you need in one city block.”

Expanding from its core base at the corner of Fremont and 11th, the Fergusons Downtown brand will head north toward 10th Street, and also across Fremont to upgrade the monthly Market in the Alley crafts and food vendors’ footprint.

While details are yet to be publicly announced, recently filed paperwork with the City of Las Vegas reveals a sideways move into the 33,386-square-foot area once occupied by the original home of The Writer’s Block and chef Natalie Young’s fried chicken and Asian restaurant Chow.

Anchored by a skate park, beer tastings and food truck are planned for its alley space, plus a bar and restaurant on the first floor, and a new second level to be constructed to create a lounge with a greenhouse terrace.

The skate park is a short walk from the Llama Lot parking facility, also currently filing requests to host more food and beer festival events throughout the year.

Plans for the Market in the Alley include the formation of a permanent “community gathering” plaza, sitting between 11th Street Records and a long shuttered laundromat. The outdoor venue will be available to lease by the public.

Names of future tenants, or a timetable for completion have not been published.

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