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Three Square Food Bank Opens a New Distribution Center

Plus a new dumpling service delivers from L.A.

Vehicles line up at a mobile food bank withe their trunks open to receive food
Three Square Food distribution center at Tarkanian Middle School on April 20.
Jeff Scheid

Three Square Food Bank opens a new food distribution site at Eastside Cannery on Friday, October 2. Every Friday through November. 20, with the exception of October 30, those in need of food can line up in their vehicles for socially distanced and contactless pickup since volunteers drop food boxes into the trunk of the vehicle. The site at 5255 Boulder Highway opens at 9 a.m. and stays in action until the food runs out.

A wooden basket holds Chinese dumplings
Cali Dumpling Delivery
Cali Dumpling Delivery [Official Site]

California dumplings headed to Las Vegas

Southern California entrepreneurs Allan and Candace Tea, who partially own Hello Kitty Cafe, teamed up with L.A.’s acclaimed Mama Lu’s Dumplings to create Cali Dumpling Delivery. Las Vegans can order 30-piece bags of pork and chive, fish, vegetarian, chicken or shrimp and pork pan-fried, pork or chicken xiao long bao, and more, delivered to Vegas four times a week. Each order includes a $10 delivery fee that goes to the driver. Order here.

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Three Square Food Bank

4190 N Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89115 (702) 644-3663 Visit Website

Hello Kitty Cafe

3784 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 Visit Website

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