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Moobongri Soondae Introduces Korean Soul Food to the Westside

A California favorite for blood sausage and pork bone soup arrives

Soondaeguk pork bone broth soup on the menu at the newly opened Moobongri Soondae.
Moobongri Soondae
Susan Jang

A hit franchise in South Korea since 1997 and a Los Angeles favorite for more than a decade, Moobongri Soondae expanded to Las Vegas, bringing a specialty menu of Korean soul food and a hearty focus on blood sausage dishes.

Located at the westside’s Pioneer Square retail center, a block from Chinatown at the intersection of Decatur Boulevard and Desert Inn Road, Moobongri Soondae moved into the well-lit, 2,360-square-foot corner space previously occupied by three separate Japanese restaurants — Hanamori, Fuji, and the Aka Oni Noodle & Bistro.

Diners can order the soondae, pork blood sausage, as a side dish, entree, part of a hotpot, and pan-fried with vegetables and noodles, or as the main attraction in soondaeguk, a pork bone broth soup that can be prepared with a spicy kick.

Other soup choices include beef rib, pork belly, and spicy beef blood and the compact menu also adds bossam-steamed pork belly, boiled pork front feet, plus another popular item at its California restaurants, spicy cold broth noodles served with sliced beef.

Moobongri Soondae, 3385 S. Decatur Boulevard, 702-331-6790. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Moobongri Soondae

3385 S. Decatur Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 331-6790