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Naked City Pizza Closes Its Original Location Inside a Dive Bar

After 10 years, the pizza shop ends its lease at Moon Doggies

Chicken wings on the left and pizza on the right
Buffalo chicken wings and pizza from Naked City Pizza
Naked City Pizza/Facebook

Naked City Pizza owners Christopher and Michael Palmeri broke the news on Thursday their original location inside Moon Doggies closed permanently on October 29.

“This is not a post I had hoped to ever make. We are officially closed permanently as of today at our arville/moondoggies location. I could drag this out into an essay long post but I’d rather just say.....this sucks, this pandemic sucks,” Christopher writes on Facebook. “Naked City Pizza is not going anywhere. Vegas is our home and we have secured long term leases at both our Paradise and Blue Diamond locations. We plan on being here serving our food in these two locations for a very long time. We wish any future food venture and the staff and bar of Moondoggie’s the best of luck.”

Christopher tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the lease at Moon Doggies was up for renewal, and he could not come to new terms.

Naked City launched in 2009 as a hot dog cart that eventually became a sandwich shop in the parking lot of the dive bar Dino’s. The first bona fide location opened inside Moondoggie’s Bar 10 years ago, making an appearance on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. A second location on Paradise Road and a new location inside the Blue Diamond Saloon followed and remain open.

Favorites here include suicide fries with a hot pepper blend and habanero garlic sauce and the Guinea Pie with grandma’s meatballs, spinach, ricotta, white garlic sauce, and mozzarella.

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