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Döner, a Berlin Street Food Favorite, Arrives in Chinatown in Early 2021 at Wolf Down

The sandwiches, salads, and rice bowls come with beef, chicken, or tofu

A sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil
Döner from Wolf Down
Wolf Down/Facebook

Berlin’s favorite street food finds a home in Chinatown when Wolf Down opens in early 2021. The restaurant from Joelle Parenteau teamed up with Marc Marrone and Todd Lunger at Graffiti Hospitality to bring the restaurant from Ottawa to the Center at Spring Mountain, the long strip mall between Valley View Boulevard and Wynn Road that houses Partage, Izakaya Go, and Take It Easy.

“It’s really great food and a really great price point that’s takeout friendly,” Marrone says.

The Berlin döner comes on a sesame-crusted Turkish flatbread that’s stuffed with grilled beef, chicken, or tofu, and then loaded with veggies, such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, or cabbage. Wolf Down offers two sauces in secret or spicy varieties with a vegan option. Think of it as a riff on the gyro or shawarma. At Wolf Down, customers can order it as a sandwich, rice bowl, or salad.

Parenteau says she keeps the menu small so she can focus on doing döners well, and charges the same price for a sandwich, salad, or rice bowl.

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Izakaya Go

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Wolf Down

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