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How Cereal Killerz Kitchen Fared on ‘Shark Tank’

The couple appeared on the show on Friday night

Jessica and Chris Burns from The Cereal Killerz Kitchen with their children.
Jessica and Chris Burns from The Cereal Killerz Kitchen with their children.
The Cereal Killerz Kitchen/Facebook

The owners of The Cereal Killerz Kitchen, the breakfast restaurant that specializes in bowls of cereal and other cereal-based dishes, made an appearance on Shark Tank on Friday night hoping to get investors to drop $125,000 for a 10 percent stake in the company. Owners Jessica and Chris Burns showcased the 100 varieties of cereal and 40 topping options, feeding the investors bowls of their childhood favorites.

Jessica Burns talked about her love of cooking, and says she decided to open the restaurant after losing her job at an insurance company. Chris Burns talked about their daughter, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and how she wanted cinnamon toasties for dinner every night. To ensure she didn’t get bored with the meal, he came up with different takes on the dish.

The couple just closed their original location at the Galleria at Sunset and opened a location in Centennial at the Oso Blanca Pavilions over the summer. They plan to open two more locations in Las Vegas. Diners can customize their bowls of cereal or add cereal to bowls, ice cream, waffles, milkshakes, and ice coffees

While investor Lori Greiner loved the idea, she already invested in a similar company and didn’t want a conflict of interest. Robert Herjavec thought the venture was too risky, and investors Daymond John and Mark Cuban opted not to own a stake in the company.

“Thank you everyone for tuning in we really appreciate the kind words and support,” the couple wrote on Facebook. “This whole experience was truly a blessing. We wouldn’t even call this a bump in the road. An investment wasn’t the best for our growing business at that moment. Would it have made things easier Yes, but what’s the fun in that. Thankfully we bet on ourselves and our new store only took 7 weeks to turn a profit in [the] height [of] COVID and we have a few new stores in the works.”

Shark Tank taped the episode in pandemic lock-down isolation over the summer at the Venetian.

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