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DoorDash Now Charges Customers a $2 Clark County Fee

Plus Mezzo Bistro & Wine gives away five family meals daily

A red sign for DoorDash
DoorDash now charges customers a $2 Clark County fee
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CLARK COUNTY — The fight against additional fees that restaurant delivery apps add hit a new low last week when DoorDash started charging a $2 “Clark County fee” to orders. The new fee comes after Clark County temporarily restricted delivery apps from charging more than a 15 percent fee to restaurants. But this new fee is paid by customers. “On their website, they do have an explanation but it’s not clear at all. It’s not a fee to the county, that is money in their pocket,“ Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom tells KTNV. A DoorDash rep says that in locations that have imposed a pricing regulation, the fee “enables us to continue facilitating convenient delivery for customers, meaningful earning opportunities for dashers, and valuable services that help drive orders for merchants, particularly as dine-in remains limited.” [KTNV]

NORTHWESTMezzo Bistro & Wine plans to give away five family meals daily while the state reduced restaurant operations to 25 percent capacity and tables of no more than five people. Owner Kelly Richards tells FOX 5 that the restaurant gave away 500 meals between March and June when the state only allowed restaurants to offer takeout and delivery, the restaurant was able to provide 500 free family meals. The restaurant says that customers can nominate a deserving family through a direct message on Facebook, and there is no criteria. [FOX 5/Facebook]

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Mezzo Bistro and Wine

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