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The Galbi Korean BBQ Arrives in Henderson, Tivoli Village Next

The restaurant offers la carte barbecue prepared at your seat on Eastern Avenue

The beef combo of galbi, ribs and brisket prior to grilling at the new Henderson restaurant, The Galbi.
The Galbi Korean BBQ
The Galbi/Instagram

A new local name in Korean barbecue debuted in Henderson and already has well-advanced plans for a westside expansion, serving quality grilled ingredients in a smart, modern environment.

Originally known as Mr. Galbi, and now dubbed The Galbi Korean BBQ, the substantial, 5,321-square-foot restaurant is named after the Korean culinary term associated with grilled beef, or pork, short ribs.

Located at the Eastern Market retail center, close to the intersection of St. Rose Parkway and Eastern Avenue, the full-service restaurant joins Born and Raised Henderson, Taco Man, and Cannoli Castle, a couple of miles from its closest Korean dining competition.

Adopting a different approach to very popular and more familiar all-you-can-eat barbecue menus around the region, The Galbi is focusing on a compact selection of upgraded ingredients. Staff members cook the meats at the grills installed on each table, and diners choose between combo specials designed for two to four diners, or order individual dishes.

Currently prices at $74 for two customers, the beef combo features noodle soup, marinated galbi, short ribs, brisket, and seasoned joomul-luk beef. The lower-priced pork option includes pork belly, jowl, and neck.

From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., a kitchen menu offers beef short ribs soup, quinoa bibimbap, and a choice of bean paste, kimchi, or beef tofu stew, that can also be ordered for takeout.

Back in May, the restaurant announced plans to open in Tivoli Village by the end of 2020, taking over a space behind the now shuttered SeaBream seafood restaurant. A revised 2021 debut date has not been revealed.

The Galbi Korean BBQ, 10050 S. Eastern Avenue, Henderson, #130, 702-463-9026. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Reservations only. Order takeout via the restaurant.

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