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Mochinut to Import Hawaiian-Style Doughnuts and Korean Hot Dogs to Chinatown

The restaurant is coming soon to Chinatown from Southern California

Two crunchy and chewy Mochinut donuts
Mochinut/Official Site

Another snack craze is on its way to Las Vegas from Southern California, bringing crispy and chewy doughnuts inspired by two continents, plus a new venue for Korean hot dogs, a must-try, taste sensation hit from last year.

California-born Mochinut has managed to expand to 11 locations in less than two years, serving Hawaiian-style, fried creations that combine its mochi, Japanese rice cake recipe with more familiar American doughnuts, resulting in a crispy exterior and chewy interior.

Now preparing to open two dozen more shops across six states, the Las Vegas home will replace the shuttered LuLaLa Karaoke & Skewers at 4355 Spring Mountain Road in Chinatown, a short distance from Arville Street and in the same retail center as Sushi Kaya.

Taking over a ground-floor space, the counter-service restaurant is already promising the menu will include Korean rice hot dogs, available with rice flour batter and spicy sausage, or filled with only mozzarella, plus a popular half-and-half combo.

Mochinut’s menu changes its custom flavors every couple of days, with updates posted to its Instagram feed. Recent choices have included Butterfinger, Thai tea, ube, passion fruit, matcha, red velvet, maple syrup and tiramisu.

Announced as “coming soon!,” but only recently filing remodel paperwork, an estimated debut date has not been revealed.

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