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Las Vegas Meal Prep Companies Offer Ready-to-Eat Dishes for the Day or Week Delivered

For those who don’t want to order takeout from restaurants, meal prep brings dinner to the door

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Duck foie gras from Partage
Duck foie gras from Partage

As Nevada goes into an uncertain future with all restaurants closed to dine-in customers until mid-April, some Las Vegas food companies are leaning into delivery- and takeout-focused business models. While meal prep companies are nothing new in the city, some local restaurants are focusing on this new line of business with expanded menus and discounted introductory rates. In the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, when many people are looking for new ways to find food, here are seven restaurants and meal prep companies to explore in Las Vegas.

The French restaurant Partage in Chinatown now has a new delivery service that offers lunches and dinners Tuesday through Sunday for $60 per person per day or $340 per person for the whole week with a $15 delivery fee per delivery.

“We decided to do this meal plan for us as we thought it would be more helpful for our clients not to worry about their meals for two whole days,” co-owner Nicolas Kalpokdjian says. “We thought it was safer for them to only have one contact every other day to have their food delivered by the same person rather than four contacts with four different persons. The menu offers a different kind of food and so far the response has been very positive.”

Recent options included chilled beet and grapefruit soup, pork filet mignon served with polenta, a vegan lemon cake and pistachio vegan custard, sea bass filet served with cauliflower gratin, and pork sausage and belly served with lentils. Orders need to be placed the day before each delivery day by 3 p.m. For details, contact

Mint Indian Bistro offers a meal delivery service, RotiFix, with North Indian, South Indian, and Gujarati foods, including ready-to-eat rotis and dosa batter. The service, which has been around for about two years, lets customers can pick from options such as aloo paratha, mint chutney, rice preparations, and more, and can choose whether they want prepared dishes or ingredients to make them at home. Get 10 percent off with the promo code: LUVMINT.

ChefIt from Chris Keating, who worked at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay and Tbones Chophouse at Red Rock Resort, offers a couple options for customers with his meal-prep business that he’s run for about two years. He can deliver bulk veggies, proteins, and starches; meal plans for individuals and families; and large quantities of freezable meals. Recent dishes include Cajun Mahi Mahi, cedar-plank salmon, chicken chili verde, and coconut curry shrimp. Meals range between $9 to $12 and there is no minimum order. Deliveries take place every Monday and Thursday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Use the promo code healthyvegas to get 20 percent off and no delivery fee.

Meal prep companies such as 702 Prep offer Monday deliveries of pre-made meals. Dishes include shrimp fajitas, pumpkin protein pancakes, and carne asada tacos. Customers add dishes to their carts before paying. Deliveries cost $7 but customers can pick up their orders.

Foodie Fit offers healthy meals that combine macro and micro nutrients. Customers first select delivery or pickup service seven days a week, then pick their orders, which can be recurring. Chicken Kha soi, blueberry power bites, a blended burger, and a chipotle steak bowl are some of the latest dishes on the menu. Foodie Fit has locations at 2185 E. Windmill Lane and 4235 S. Fort Apache Road.

Meal Prep Las Vegas specializes in high protein. Recent dishes included cinnamon maple protein French toast, sweet and spicy chicken, a teriyaki beef bowl, and Cajun white fish. Customers choose from four-, six-, and eight-ounce portion plans. Options start at $55 a week for five meals a week.

Fresh n’ Lean offers weekly meal plans that focus on protein, Keto and paleo diets, and vegan dishes that start at less than $8 per meal. Customers can choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as five or seven days worth of food. Sample dishes include wild salmon with asparagus, Romenesco eggplant with wild salmon, sweet potato coconut curry with chicken and broccoli quinoa with dill and wild salmon.

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