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Restaurants in Las Vegas Can Start Selling Packaged Liquor With Their Takeout Orders

The city has a new permit that allows liquor sales with takeout orders

Liquor bottles
Liquor from last year’s Lee’s Beer & Tequila Experience
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Restaurants in the city of Las Vegas can start selling alcohol with their takeout and delivery orders through a new program introduced by the city.

“The city has heard from business owners that this plan would be especially helpful as their operations are being impacted due to closures relating to the coronavirus,” a new blog post from the city states.

Restaurants within the city can apply for a 30-day permit for $100 that enables the sale of sealed bottles of wine, beer, or liquor, depending on the type of alcohol license the restaurant has. That license, which can be approved in one to two business days, may be extended, depending on how long the governor decides to keep nonessential businesses closed.

The new permit only applies to restaurants that offer food with their curbside pickup orders, and customers must order food with their liquor. Restaurants must be located within the city limits. Alcohol must be sold in the manufacturer’s sealed container.

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