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Clark County Restaurants Can Now Sell Prepackaged Alcoholic Beverages With Takeout Orders

Restaurants with a supper club licenses can offer alcohol with takeout food orders

A bartender stands in a wine cellar
A bartender stands in a wine cellar

Clark County restaurants with a supper club license can now sell alcohol with their takeout orders. The county joins the city of Las Vegas and Henderson in lifting regulations on liquor sales at restaurants while their dining rooms remained closed.

Gov. Steve Sisolak mandated a 30-day closure of nonessential businesses starting on March 17 that includes dine-in restaurants and bars, as well as casinos and resorts. Some restaurants remain open with takeout and delivery options, and restaurateurs called for lifting restrictions on alcohol sales to help them survive.

The Clark County Department of Business Licenses now allows restaurants with a supper club license to sell beer, wine, and spirits including wine coolers or ciders, and spirits with less than 17 percent alcohol volume or 34 proof, as long as the alcoholic beverages remain in their original packaging.

Restaurants do need to apply for a temporary license through the county that will remain in effect through April 30. James M. Headen, assistant operations manager for liquor and gaming licensing in the Clark County business license office, tells restaurants that want to apply to email him at, and approvals will arrive via email.

The City of Las Vegas unveiled its new program on Thursday, and restaurants there can sell sealed bottles of wine, beer, or liquor, depending on the type of alcohol license the restaurant has, with takeout orders of food.

Henderson decided to allow restaurants to sell liquor with their curbside pickup orders of food on Thursday through the next 30 days while nonessential businesses remain closed. Any restaurant with a liquor license in Henderson can offer alcoholic beverages with food sales.

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