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The Venetian and Palazzo Reveal an 800-Step Plan for Reopening With COVID-19 Protocols

Thermal cameras, restaurant seating spread out, and EMTs on site are just some of the provisions in place

The Venetian
The Venetian
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Once the Venetian and Palazzo have permission from Gov. Steve Sisolak to reopen, the resorts plan to implement a safety protocol that includes 800 steps to keep guests and staff safe while visiting. Precautions range from a battalion of 25 EMTs on site 24 hours a day and thermal cameras at entrances to scan for fever to face masks and sanitation devices in every hotel room and restaurant seating spread out to encourage social distancing.

Parent company Sands Corp. released details of its plans to reopen once Sisolak lifts the stay-at-home order in Nevada, which will be extended beyond April 30. Sisolak told ABC News that resorts reopening probably would not happen until phase three or four of his plan to allow businesses to reopen.

The resorts plan to install thermal cameras at entrances to monitor the temperatures of guests and staff. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will be checked a second time, and those with a fever will be directed to medical treatment.

While constant cleaning and sanitizing are part of the plan, the resorts also plan extra cleaning measures when a guest may have shown COVID-19 symptoms. A specialized cleaning service will disinfect the suite, and it will not be used again until it is fully sanitized.

Every hotel room will include a face mask provided by the resort, as well as a safety kit with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and latex gloves that guests can choose to wear. Visitors will be allowed to wear gloves and a face mask, as long as it doesn’t cover the entire face, but neither are required to enter the resorts.

Casino chips will be disinfected at each table about every two hours. The resort will arrange slot machines and chairs with social distancing in mind, and table games will have a maximum of three chairs per table. All staff will wear personal protective equipment including gloves and perhaps masks, based on their job.

Other contingencies include a maximum of four guests per elevator, masks on gondoliers at the Grand Canal Shoppes’ gondola ride, pool chairs spaced out for safety, and restaurant tables rearranged to promote social distancing.

While the Venetian and Palazzo do not have a buffet, any banquets at the resorts will include food individually plated with no self-self stations. Even beverages and snacks will be provided by an attendant.

Employees at the Venetian and Palazzo, including 15 partner restaurants, continue to receive their full salaries and benefits through May 17.

Wynn Las Vegas released similar plans to protect staff and guests last week.

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