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Nacho Daddy No Longer Requires Employees to Waive Liability Against the Company

The Mexican restaurant backs down on its controversial policy and focuses on COVID-19 screening and counseling instead

Nacho Daddy on Sahara Avenue
Nacho Daddy on Sahara Avenue
Nacho Daddy [Official Site]

Nacho Daddy backed down on its new policy that required employees to waive their legal rights against the company if they became infected with COVID-19. The Mexican restaurant, which reopened its locations next to Village Square on Sahara Avenue and in Downtown Las Vegas, now refers employees to free COVID-19 screening and counseling services.

Earlier this week, an employee said she was fired for posting the letter that waived legal rights on social media. Owner Paul Hymas said that posting the letter went against the company’s social media policy. Hymas said that the letter absolves the company of liability if employees catch COVID-19, an issue that Congress is already discussing.

A representative for Nacho Daddy tells KTNV, “that letter was removed, and the restaurant’s hiring process remains focused on safety precautions.”

The location on Sahara Avenue and in Downtown Las Vegas are open daily for dine-in service from noon to 8 p.m.

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Nacho Daddy

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