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Arts District to Host Its First Dedicated Sports Bar

The sports-themed tavern includes a large, open courtyard

Location of a future sports tavern coming to the Arts District
Location of a future sports tavern coming to the Arts District
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The first contemporary tavern in the Arts District to brand itself as a pure sports bar is making its way through the city approval process and will be adding a large, rear courtyard, proposed to host outdoor dining and entertainment.

Currently without a finalized name, the project will move into spaces 1500 and 1502 at the corner of Main Street and Utah Avenue, part of a vacant and newly remodeled building, now upgraded with roll-up doors for its future tenants.

Inside the 1,500-square-foot tavern, very early plans suggest plenty of open areas and a U-shaped bar. The 5,400-square-foot courtyard stretches behind three of the storefronts and is expected to be designed for live events.

Paperwork does not reveal a kitchen within the sports bar itself, but the operators are committed to an outdoor dining section. It is unknown if a yet-to-be announced neighboring tenant will be creating the menu, or if local food trucks will park on Utah Avenue, but filed documents hint an “ancillary brew pub” is also in the works next door.

No timetable for completion has been posted.

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