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Atomic Liquors Expands to the Arts District With Atomic Tavern

A downtown corner transforms into a food and drink hub

A mural painted by local artist Brett Rosepiler, on  a back wall at the forthcoming Atomic Tavern.
Atomic Tavern
Atomic Tavern/Brett Rosepiler

The oldest bar in Las Vegas is moving closer to launching a satellite tavern on the site of one of the oldest gay bars in Las Vegas.

Shuttered since last June, Atomic Liquors owner Lance Johns purchased the former Snick’s Place and Bastille bar at the intersection of Imperial and Third Street 16 months ago in a $1,350,000 deal that included the corner space and a vacant former ballet studio next door. At its closure, the venue was licensed for video gaming machines installed on the long bar top.

Tentatively referred to as Imperial Bar and now officially dubbed the Atomic Tavern, the venue is approved for new signs and has already received an internal makeover by The ISI Group, famed local mural experts who worked with artist Brett Rosepiler to decorate an entire wall of the narrow interior.

The mural echoes two other very similar large scale paintings created by Rosepiler for Atomic Liquors and the Kitchen on Atomic on Fremont East.

Johns originally speculated his footprint could host as many as four food and beverage concepts, but would be “nothing like Atomic.” He had also planned for one of the tenants to be ready by the end of 2019. A new timetable for completion has not been announced.

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The Kitchen at Atomic

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Bastille on 3rd

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Atomic Liquors

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