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Two Employees at Summerlin Breakfast Specialist EggWorks Test Positive for COVID-19

The employees tested positive more than two weeks apart

A breakfast burrito
Breakfast burrito at Egg Works
Egg Works/Egg & I/Facebook

The EggWorks and the Egg & I family of breakfast specialists were some of the first restaurants to announce they were reopening once Gov. Steve Sisolak permitted non-essential businesses including eateries to return to dine-in service on May 9. Now comes word that one of the EggWorks locations in Summerlin has two employees who tested positive for COVID-19. The employees reported their positive tests more than two weeks apart, KTNV says.

Neither employee had a fever when they reported to work, but both went home when they said they did not feel well.

EggWorks reports that neither exposed other staff members or customers for a prolonged period of time, KTNV says. The restaurant did report the illnesses to the Southern Nevada Health District and went through an overnight cleaning.

EggWorks isn’t the first restaurant in Summerlin to report employees testing positive for COVID-19. Wolfgang Puck Players Locker and Jing at Downtown Summerlin both had similar incidents.

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