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Idaho’s Royal Coffee Roasting Co. Replaces Three Las Vegas Black Rock Coffee Bars

Three coffee spots arrive from Boise with more on the way.

The signage outside one of three new Royal Coffee Roasting Co outposts, moving into existing Black Rock Coffee Bars.
Royal Coffee Roasting Co
Royal Coffee Roasting Co/Facebook

Still putting the final touches to its outdoor signage, a Boise, Idaho-born chain has rapidly swooped into the busy, local coffee shop scene and is already operating three locations, with more promised to be on the way.

The Royal Coffee Roasting Co. has replaced a trio of Black Rock Coffee Bars, built from scratch by the Oregon franchise last year.

Open daily from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and offering a drive-thru at each store, the compact Royal Coffee menu is available at 45 E. Silverado Ranch Boulevard in the southeast, plus 7565 S. Rainbow Boulevard and 4835 Blue Diamond Road in the southwest

Applying the noble theme to its “royal,” “knight and “queen” beverages, the family-owned company has partnered with Idaho’s Happy Day Brands for its roastery source, creating natural, non-GMO and organic products.

Supported by a digital loyalty program, specialty menu choices include an Irish creme breve, a blended, frosted black and white drink, cold brews and a Mexican mocha, hot chocolate, chai tea latte, shakes, smoothies and Italian sodas, plus a range of energy drinks, featuring organic and sugar free options.

Potential sites for Royal Coffee’s next round of expansions have not been revealed.

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Black Rock Coffee Bar

45 East Silverado Ranch Boulevard, , NV 89183 (503) 758-4372