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Two New Attractions Feature Wild Plans at Area15

Restaurants, ice cream, boat rides, and a tiki museum are on the way at Lost Spirits and the Illuminarium at Area15

The ornate, plush red interior of the private dining room at Lost Spirits Distillery in Los Angeles.
Lost Spirits Distillery
Wonho Frank Lee

New updates on the boldest and most adventurous venue scheduled to debut this year, including confirmation of more dining options heading west of I-15 and an Uber ride from the Strip.

Created in conjunction with the Fisher Brothers and New York-based creative agency Beneville Studios, the 200,000-square-foot Area15 entertainment complex is nearing completion, filling two warehouses with galleries, installations by art collective Meow Wolf Las Vegas, retail stores, chef Todd English’s food hall, an Emack & Bolios ice cream shop, the Oddwood cocktail and coffee bar, and nostalgic candies and sodas from Rocket Fizz.

Newly filed paperwork updates two huge additional venues are also in the works, planned for both sides of the Area15 footprint.

Previously announced, new details reveal Lost Spirits Distillery from L.A.’s Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta will move into a 27,667-square-foot, purpose-built space. Located on Desert Inn Road, passengers will be driven from the Area15 main site and then dropped off directly inside the Lost Spirits facility, equipped with a bus turntable to send the vehicle back out on the road.

Themed with as much imagination as a high-end theme park, the working distillery will also add a tiki museum, and expanding on the original location in Los Angeles, a 7,188-square-foot boat ride, winding past a forced perspective calypso tableau, boat houses, and the alcohol fermenting areas.

Visitors can purchase the in-house creations in the gift shop, or order a drink within indoor and outdoor garden spaces. Ticketed tours of Lost Spirits will include a beverage tasting menu and in Los Angeles, the guided journey lasts approximately two hours and costs $46 per person.

Featuring its own 1,480-square-foot patio and a small, 770-square-foot boutique interior, a fine dining restaurant will offer a pre-set menu for its limited nightly seatings. The original California restaurant overseen by chef Taylor Persh is dubbed Fish or Flesh and described as “Dr. Moreau-inspired dining beneath a canopy deep inside the jungle.” A possible name for the Las Vegas expansion has not been made public.

In L.A., the 10-course meal is priced at $240 per person and paired with Champagne, cocktails, and wine, plus dishes that have included sturgeon caviar, Spanish octopus, and a carved pig’s head, Hints of the menu under discussion for Las Vegas have yet to be shared.

An early rendering of the massive Area15 entertainment and retail complex, including individual spaces assigned to installations.
Area15 rendering

On the opposite side of Area15, closer to the intersection with Rancho Drive and Sirius Avenue, the still to be announced 35,000-square-foot Illuminarium will host a 360 degree visual and audio experience, spread across two rooms and surrounding visitors inside its main 7,880-square-foot space.

Upon arrival, visitors will walk by an ice cream bar standing to the side of the lobby and a 4,680-square-foot indoor and outdoor cafe, featuring its own rectangular bar.

Expecting most of its clientele to arrive by taxi, ride share, and chartered buses, the complex is banking on attracting visiting conventioneers and group bookings. Yet to begin construction, the two new additions will launch after Area15’s unveiling later this year.

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