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Pine Hollow Winery to Hand Craft Wine at Westside Tasting Room

Small batch fruit wines to be produced close to Summerlin

A collection of the bottled hand crafted fruit wines headed to the westside from the Pine Hollow Winery.
Pine Hollow Winery
Pine Hollow Winery/Facebook

Henderson’s Vegas Valley Winery still holds the title of the first wine producers in the Las Vegas Valley, but Pennsylvania’s Pine Hollow Winery is planning a unique venture for the westside, hand crafting small batches inside its own compact facility, close to the border with Summerlin.

Specializing in fruit wines, the proposed winery and tasting room will move into a 1,465-square-foot corner space at the Fiesta Square retail center, already home to Yaw Farm Coffee Roaster at the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Antelope Way and across the street from The Hush Puppy Restaurant.

Relocating from leafy Trafford, Pennsylvania, Pine Hollow Winery will create each small batch on site, crushing the fruits, fermenting, filtering, and labeling each bottle by hand. The front of the store will host the tasting room and sales area.

Among the company’s earlier creations, the Toasted Joe dessert wine, the sweet Hot Stuff infused with Thai chile pepper, the Pinot Gris-inspired Monkey Business blended with coconut and yuzo, plus Chardonnay and Merlot-style creations.

Currently making its way through the city approval process, the owners hope to be serving Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. A projected opening date has not been announced.

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