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UFO-Themed Burger51 Drive-Thru and Movie Theater Close to a Landing

Dine on burgers and watch a short movie on the westside

The screen at the Burger51 drive-in movie theater and drive-thru burger stand.
Falcon Signs & Designs/Facebook

When first revealed back in April 2019, Jon Basso’s combination drive-thru burger stand and drive-in movie theater seemed an off-the-wall novelty concept. More than a year later, Burger51 is close to a debut and ahead of the curve in creating a safe environment for diners to enjoy sci-fi movie and a retro, fast-casual menu.

Located on a half-acre plot at 101 N. Decatur Boulevard, close to an entrance to Route 95, customers will be able to order Angus burgers on a toasted bun, dressed with the house Burger51 sauce, plus drive-in movie favorites of hot buttered popcorn, candy bars, and sugar cane sodas served in glass bottles.

Once the food order is collected, diners can park facing the outdoor movie screen, tune their radios to 94.3 FM, and watch a short film while they eat.

Locals Falcon Signs & Designs have created the hard to miss signage and the structures are already decorated with kitschy 1960’s movie posters.

The rear of the burger stand drive-thru at the UFO and sci-fi-themed Burger51.
Falcon Signs & Designs/Facebook

Basso achieved national infamy as the creator of Fremont Street’s Heart Attack Grill and Burger51 continues to demonstrate his knack for gimmicks and advertising, promising orders will be accepted from customers fluent in Klingon and handing out tin foil hats to block “unauthorized government cerebral scanning.”

Very close to an opening, future hours and details of the full menu have yet to be released, but original plans submitted to the city hoped Burger51 would be open daily from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m.

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101 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107

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