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The Food Comes With a Side of UFOs and Short Sci-Fi Drive-In Movies at Burger51

The drive-in theater opened on the westside over the weekend

The screen at the Burger51 drive-in movie theater and drive-thru burger stand.
Falcon Signs & Designs/Facebook

Call Jon Basso a showman, a rabble rouser, or just a restaurateur with an interesting gimmick to get people to dine. The owner of Heart Attack Grill, the controversial hamburger joint on the Fremont Street Experience — where diners who weigh more than 300 pounds eat for free and customers who don’t finish their meals regularly get spanked by servers wearing nurse uniforms — just opened Burger51 with a short menu and short films on the drive-in menu.

Orders are accepted from customers fluent in Klingon and they can get a tin foil hat to block “unauthorized government cerebral scanning.”

Aside from retro burgers, the drive-in theater offers hot buttered popcorn, classic full-sized candy bars, shaved ice, and Coca-Cola and Pepsi products.

The short films shown generally span sci-fi. Diners can tune their radios to 94.3 FM to listen to the films as they’re shown on the outdoor screen. The whole place features kitschy 1960s movie posters.

Burger51, 101 N. Decatur Boulevard. Open daily from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m.

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