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Jollibee Back on Track to Bring Chickenjoy to Henderson

Fried chicken, Jolly spaghetti, and halo-halo are on the way

The Jollibee mascot and and a bucket of its “chickenjoy” fried chicken pieces.

Two years in the making, the fourth local expansion of Filipino fast-food experts Jollibee is back on track in Henderson, bringing its “chickenjoy” menu to a stand-alone, single-lane drive-thru restaurant at the Easter Commons retail center.

Recently applying to the City of Henderson for permission to install new freestanding signage, the 3,103-square-foot building will be easy to spot, decorated with the smiling face of its cheery bee mascot.

Predicted to open during the fourth quarter of this year, Jollibee sits close to the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Horizon Ridge Parkway, and across the parking lot from Seafood City and Bad Owl Coffee.

A 13-year Las Vegas resident on Maryland Parkway, inside the eastside’s Seafood City supermarket, the global chain also operates drive-thrus at Village Square and on Rainbow Boulevard, with the Southwest restaurant featuring a very similar layout and design to the new Henderson home.

Yet to officially announce the new site, or future serving hours, customers can expect the full counter-service menu of fried chicken pieces, “jolly spaghetti,” langhap-sarap burgers, palabok noodle dishes, burger patties covered with mushroom gravy, hot dogs, breakfast specials, and halo-halo and peach mango pies for dessert.

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Bad Owl Coffee

10575 S Eastern Ave Ste 160, Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 483-3331

Seafood City

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Village Square

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