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A New Community Fridge Lets Anyone Take What Food They Need 24/7

Volunteers can drop off food, frozen or fresh, as well

A blue refrigerator
The new Las Vegas Town Fridge
United Movement Organized Kindness/Facebook

Las Vegas joins a growing list of communities nationwide that responded to the need for more accessible food for those in need with a community fridge. United Movement Organized Kindness, the nonprofit that provides basic household needs, baby supplies, and hygiene products, opened the community fridge with Las Vegas Town Fridge this week at 1010 N. Main Street.

John Chou, a volunteer at local food distribution sites, tells KTNV that he “wanted to do something to help those who can’t make it to food banks or wait in the long lines.”

The idea is that donors and those in need can drop off or pick up food 24/7. When it opened, the fridge contained milk, apples, oranges, bottled water, vegetables, and more. A small pantry next to the fridge features bread, toilet paper, canned goods, and boxed meals. Frozen foods are also available. Anyone can donate to the fridge or take what they need.

Chou wants to open additional community fridges.

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