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A Ghost Kitchen Specializing in Hot Dogs and Sausages Debuts on Friday

To Be Frank opens as a ghost kitchen inside Every Grain

A hot dog with green papaya slaw, Kewpie mayo, red onion, toasted peanuts, and crunchy potato
The Thai with isan sausage, green papaya slaw, Kewpie mayo, red onion, toasted peanuts, and crunchy potato at To Be Frank
To Be Frank/Instagram

The coronavirus pandemic made it easier for ghost kitchens to pop up all over Las Vegas. Chef Marc Marrone has Gemma Gemma’s Square Pies for his pizza served out of Graffiti Bao, and the team behind Cafe Lola and Saint Honoré convert the restaurants into Pizza Anonymous by night. Both offer takeout and delivery only, with no dine-in service. A new ghost kitchen brings speciality hot dogs and sausages to the Every Grain kitchen at night.

To Be Frank opens on Friday, October 2, with delivery, takeout, and catering options.

Robin Camacho, CEO of Sound Food Group, the company behind To Be Frank, says her friendship with chef Sheridan Su and his wife Jenny Wong, the team behind the restaurant that specializes in food inspired by grandmother’s Chinese food on the east side, drew her to taking over the kitchen by night. “Sheridan Su and Jenny are good friends who have created a very successful lunch business, but after they close at 2:30 p.m., the restaurant is vacant, so why not turn it into another concept? We believe it will be a win-win situation for all of us.”

Jordan Camacho, culinary director for Sound Food Group, says the name takes its inspiration from a a lyric from hip-hop duo Run the Jewels and rapper 2-Chainz’s song “Out of Sight.” “It represents our menu, which features out-of-the-box flavor profiles but also some more straightforward and recognizable ones.”

The restaurant features a menu that includes the Thai dog with isan Thai sausage with green papaya slaw, kewpie mayo, red onion, and crunchy peanut; the banh mi with pork pate, seasoned mayo, pickled carrots and radish, and cilantro; and the kimchi dog with creamy gochujang, white kimchi, scallion relish, and goldenaise. The classic is $7, with options such as Philly or chili versions coming in at $9, and specialties such as the Greek with loukaniko sausage, creamy feta, kalamata olives and tomato relish, and Parsley salad or the Sonoran with caramelized onion, pico de gallo, pinto beans, bacon lardons, and green chili sauce ring in at $10. Buns come from a local baker.

Side dishes include coleslaw, German potato salad, chili, and Tim’s Chips, while desserts include chocolate peanut butter pudding, banana pudding, and a sugar cookie with raspberry curd dip.

To Be Frank brought in Trevor Garrett as the executive chef.

The restaurant requires masks for staff and customers, as well as social distancing. To Be Frank offers contactless pickup and delivery directly through the restaurant as well as through Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Postmates.

To Be Frank, inside Every Grain, 1430 E. Charleston Blvd. Open Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight.

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