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Southern Nevada Bars and Restaurants Improve at Mandatory Mask Compliance

State officials continue to spot check for COVID-19 health and safety compliance

A woman wearing a mask mixes a drink behind a bar
A bartender wears a mask as she makes a cocktail
Unai Huizi Photography/Shutterstock

Officials from Nevada’s Division of Industrial Relations continue to visit local businesses to assess their compliance with the state’s COVID-19 health and safety measures. During the week of September 21-26, inspectors found that 86 percent at 103 bars visited statewide and 94 percent of the 98 restaurants in compliance.

Inspectors issued no citations.

Since starting inspections in June, the agency visited 8,507 businesses and found an 87 percent compliance rate in southern Nevada. Inspectors also followed up at 124 businesses the week of September 21-26 and found a 56 percent compliance rate at 27 places.

The Nevada Division of Industrial Relations conducts inspections to determine whether businesses are complying with mandatory mask orders put in place by Gov. Steve Sisolak on June 26.

Since late February, Southern Nevada reported 66,620 cases of COVID-19, 6,256 people hospitalized with due to complications of COVID-19, and 1,379 deaths. In the past seven days, Southern Nevada reported 1,853 new cases

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