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Chicago’s 6 Wings Closer to Serving Harold’s-Style Chicken in the Southeast

Mild sauce, pizza puffs, and beef and cheddar are on the way

The exterior of fast casual restaurant Chicago’s 6 Wings, headed to the Windmill Lane Plaza.
Chicago’s 6 Wings
Eater Staff

Originally planned as an expansion from Chicago’s legendary Harold’s Chicken Shack chain, a corner space at the southeast’s Windmill Lane Plaza is closer to unveiling its own spin on wings, fries, pizza puffs, and catfish, plus a South Side-inspired mild sauce.

Equipped with a drive-thru, Chicago’s 6 Wings had hoped to begin serving earlier this year, but after recently upgrading the former Joe Maxx Coffee Company outpost with new signage, the company has returned from a long social media hiatus and is now promising to be “opening soon!”

Located at the intersection of Windmill Lane and Bermuda Road, the 1,750-square-foot restaurant has revealed a menu of chicken wings and fries generously covered in sauce. Diners can expect gizzards, liver, perch, shrimp, whiting, hoagies, steak, fish, or beef and cheddar sandwiches, fried green tomatoes, okra and mushrooms, and another perennial Chicago favorite, fried pizza puffs.

Future opening hours and an estimated debut date have not been released.

Elsewhere at the plaza, Juicy Burger has shuttered after less than a year in operation and the previously announced venue for Brunch & Bagels from chef Tracy Ritani is currently vacant and available for lease.

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