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Berlin Street Food Favorite Döner Arrives at Wolf Down in Chinatown Soon

German street food is headed to Spring Mountain Road

A Berlin döner sandwich at the original Wolf Down location in Ottawa, Canada.
Wolf Down
Wolf Down/Facebook

Still promising an “early 2021” debut, Ottawa, Canada's Wolf Down has shared its first update of the year, showing fast progress at its German street food restaurant opening soon in Chinatown.

Restaurateur Joelle Parenteau and her Las Vegas team partnered with Marc Marrone and Todd Lunger of Graffiti Hospitality to take over 1,880 square feet on the eastern end of The Center at Spring Mountain retail center, a short distance from Valley View Boulevard and two doors down from Partage and Hot N Juicy Crawfish to the west.

Projected to be large enough for a maximum occupancy of 66 inside, a recent photograph hints the counter space will share design similarities with the two-year-old Canadian original.

Painting and construction continues on the interior of the Berlin street food restaurant Wolf Down, coming soon to Chinatown.
Wolf Down
Wolf Down/Facebook

The popular Ottawa storefront, open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., is built on a very simple menu, allowing customers to customize each Berlin-inspired döner dish – a riff on the gyro or shawarma — as a sandwich, rice bowl, or salad, filled with beef, chicken, and tofu and upgraded with vegetables and “secret” or spicy sauces.

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Wolf Down

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Hot N Juicy Crawfish

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