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Famed Gay Nightclub Gipsy to Make Dramatic 2022 Return to the Eastside

A nightlife landmark returns with an outdoor carousel bar

A rendering of future, 10,00-square-foot Gipsy nightclub, under construction on Paradise Road.
Rendering of future Gipsy nightclub.

After surviving arson, lawsuits, and a 2021 demolition during its famed 40-year history, the Gipsy nightclub is now planning a major return in 2022.

Paperwork has been filed to build a new, single-storey nightclub, plus an outdoor carousel bar in the empty lot at the corner of Paradise Road and Naples Drive, where the original Gipsy once stood. An upper-level disco may also be added sometime in the future.

Owned by Paul San Filipo and located a few steps from his other nightclub venture, Piranha, Gipsy nightclub will have an estimated $670,000 allocated for its initial build. Well-known local contractors Breslin Builders have been assigned to the project.

 A rendering of the outdoor carousel bar at Gipsy, planned for a 2022 debut.
Gipsy outdoor bar rendering.

Renderings reveal the shaded, outdoor seating area will be focused around a central carousel setting. San Filipo told the Las Vegas Spectrum that design elements are meant to convey a “contemporary Pirates of the Caribbean” setting. Despite all the changes afoot, the nightclub’s name, a term that is considered by some as discriminatory to Romani people, will be preserved.

Opened in 1981, Gipsy was once a celebrity magnet and also managed to survive a makeover and unflattering portrayal on Jon Taffer’s reality TV show, Bar Rescue, in which Taffer, upon visiting the bar for the first time, categorizes San Filipo’s behavior at the time of filming as abusive and disrespectful.

Covering an estimated 10,000 square feet, construction has yet to begin on the exterior structure, and an opening date has not been disclosed.