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Caviar Bar’s Menu Proves Caviar Dreams Really Do Come True

Caviar Bar opens December 3

two rectangles of raw fat-marbled Wagyu beef, each topped with black caviar
Caviar-topped Wagyu beef at Caviar Bar
Caviar Bar/Facebook

Michelin-starred chef Shaun Hergatt’s Caviar Bar (3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard) is rushing toward its December 3 opening with a space completely devoted to the tiny delicacy — from the decor to the dishes. Located at Resorts World, the sleek, petite space with room for 105 marks Hergatt’s first foray into Vegas dining.

Hergatt, a New York-based, Australian-born chef, made a splash with his precise cooking techniques at his New York restaurants SHO and Junii (both have Michelin stars). At Caviar Bar, he continues that exacting tradition. In addition to a selection of caviar from Hergatt’s own Caspy Caviar brand, served on house-made blini with fresh-snipped chives and creme fraiche, the menu includes antipasti; tartars and crudos, small bites like “savory baby waffles” with smoked salmon; fresh seafood; and entrees like pomodoro, gnocchi, and branzino.

The dining room pays homage to caviar as well, with abstract representations and plenty of inky black details to make diners feel like they are in a tin of caviar.

Take a first look at the menu:

Caviar Bar

3000 Las Vegas Boulevard S. , Las Vegas, NV 89109 Visit Website

Caviar Bar

3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Visit Website