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A Life-Sized Gingerbread Man Trapped in a Snow Globe Is Made From Sugar and Chocolate

The new holiday display at Aria took 200 hours to complete

A holiday display with a giant snow globe.
Aria’s holiday display features a snow globe surrounded by decor made from chocolate, sugar, and fondant.
MGM Resorts

Aria’s lobby now features a holiday display filled with items made entirely of chocolate, sugar, and fondant. At the center, a massive snow globe comes with a life-sized gingerbread man inside, surrounded by a doughnut tower, candy canes, an overflowing cup of hot cocoa, ice cream cones, snowflakes, and more.

Aria’s pastry chefs took about 200 hours to make the display. The snow globe uses a base made from 200 sugar panels. Inside, visitors can find a hot cocoa cup filled with a large candy cane, colorful bears, a snowman, and other holiday confections. The gingerbread man stands six-feet tall, made from 100 pounds of dark chocolate.

Those tall trees were made with 1,000 macarons, while the sugar cubes outside the display weigh from seven to 15 pounds. The team made teal, dark blue, hot pink, light pink and yellow bears with 15 pounds of sugar.

Overall, the display required more than 150 pounds of fondant, 600 pounds of sugar, and 550 pounds of chocolate.

After viewing the display, those with a sweet tooth can head to Aria Patisserie for holiday sugar cookies, gift boxes, and more.

A tree that features multi-colored macarons.
A tree made from 1,000 macarons is part of the holiday display at Aria.
MGM Resorts
The snow globe uses a base made from 200 sugar panels at Aria’s holiday display.
MGM Resorts


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