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Friends of Eater Pick 2021’s Best Dining Neighborhoods Across Las Vegas

Which Las Vegas neighborhoods did the the food experts love in 2021?

Arts District 18b sign
Arts District 18b sign
Amelinda B Lee/Eater Vegas

Following an Eater tradition, we asked a group of restaurant journalists, bloggers, and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Their answers to the annual Year in Eater survey will be revealed in several posts. Now, what neighborhood were you most excited to dine in this year?

Louiie Victa, Eater Vegas photographer — The southwest has many small, interesting and diverse places popping up. I’m glad to see a lot more concepts open up within a 15 minute drive from where I live. Green Valley also has a lot of places I want to try (Aroma Cocina, Tu Sabor, Boom Bang).

Al Mancini, host of the Food and Loathing podcast — Watching the Arts District finally come into its own, and emerge as the hands-down coolest neighborhood in the valley, in the midst of a global pandemic, has been inspiring. The food is just a part of that story — but it’s a very, very important part.

Rob Kachelriess, Las Vegas Writer for Thrillist — The obvious answer is the Downtown Arts District, but I’m intrigued about the Southwest, where I happen to live. The area is set to explode.

Emmy Kasten, Vegas Magazine — I will always look to Chinatown first for exciting fare. I’ve particularly gravitated to all the things happening in Shanghai Plaza lately. However, the Arts District in Downtown also never ceases to grab my attention (and my dollars)!

Philip Tzeng, social media food blogger at LasVegasFill — I love how Spring Mountain magically finds new spaces to build new restaurants. It has basically turned into the Olympics of eateries where there are solid choices turning into any plaza.

Scott Roeben, Vital Vegas — I don’t spend nearly enough time in Chinatown. There are so many great dining options in this area, it’s overwhelming. I tend to focus on The Strip and downtown for my blog, but I realize the Las Vegas food scene goes beyond these tourist-friendly restaurants. I only have one stomach and also uncooked fish is weird.

Bob Barnes, Las Vegas writer for and freelance food and beverage writer — Although I didn’t get over there that often, I thought West Blue Diamond and Mountain’s Edge had some cool places that I enjoyed going to, including Gabi’s Gorditas, El Luchador (which now has a Henderson location), Locale and Johnny C’s Diner (which is now closed and relocating).

Susan Stapleton, editor of Eater Vegas — I say this every year, and I will say it again: The three and a half miles of the Las Vegas Strip is the most egalitarian, welcoming but delivering eating neighborhood in any major North American city. The range of foods, the quality of ingredients, the talent it attracts, the price points from cheap to epic all make it one of the most exciting places in the world to dine. Nowhere can you stop by for a once-in-a-lifetime meal from Joël Robuchon and then walk across the street to pick up a burger from Shake Shack, then grab a dessert from Giada De Laurentiis followed by a night with crooners at Mayfair Supper Club or Delilah in such a tight swatch of land. Do it, and do it often.


3595 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (855) 442-3271 Visit Website

Gabi’s Gorditas

5095 Blue Diamond Road #110, Las Vegas , NV 89139 702-689-0941 Visit Website

The Sundae at Delilah

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, , NV 89109 (702) 770-3300 Visit Website

Shake Shack

3060 Fillmore Street, , CA 94123 (415) 405-4618 Visit Website

Las Vegas

, , NV

Shanghai Plaza

4258 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Joël Robuchon

3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 891-7925 Visit Website