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Contact Tracing Finds That More Than 13,100 People Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Visited a Restaurant in Clark County

New data from the Southern Nevada Health District traces where those who tested positive for COVID-19 were in the 14 days before receiving test results

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More than 13,100 people in Clark County visited a restaurant before receiving a positive COVID-19 test, according to new data from the Southern Nevada Health District. While the data does not suggest that those infected contracted the virus at a restaurant, it does show the contact tracing in the 14 days before a positive diagnosis included a visit to a restaurant.

The new data from the health department marks only the second time it published possible exposure sites.

While precise locations are not part of the data, the list does include categories of businesses, with more than 23,000 possible exposures at an undefined “other” category leading the list.

The data shows that 13,146 people visited a restaurant in the 14 days before testing positive. In the past 30 days, 1,969 of those who tested positive visited a restaurant.

Another 12,219 people went to a hotel in the 14 days before testing positive, while 1,078 of those who tested positive in the past 30 days were inside a hotel.

Grocery stores (6,775 all time/1,410 in the past 30 days), casinos (5,482/803), and bars (557/59) were also on the list.

The health department collected the data based on voluntary self-reporting by people who tested positive during the disease investigation or contact tracing process, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. The health department does not include information on how far back it collected the data, and it did not collect data in some categories until mid-October.

Since November 24, the state mandated that restaurants can only offer 25 percent capacity with mandatory reservations and no more than four people per table. That mandate remains in effect until February 14. Masks are mandatory in indoor public places and outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Diners must wear a mask unless they are actively eating or drinking.

As of February 3, Clark County reported 216,121 cases of COVD-19, 11,913 hospitalizations, and 3,351 deaths since the pandemic started. In the past seven days, the county reports 4,474 new cases.

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