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The Retro-Vibe Tacos El Gordo Is Back On Track Near Town Square

A huge expansion for the Mexican fast-casual institution

A rendering by GT/AD Studio of the future Tacos El Gordo restaurant, located close to Town Square.
Future Tacos El Gordo rendering
Tacos El Gordo rendering by GT/AD Studio

First revealed exactly a year ago, resubmitted paperwork indicates local institution Tacos El Gordo has not given up on creating a retro-styled, Mexican fast-casual restaurant on Sunset Road, conveniently placed across the street from Town Square.

To be built from scratch on a now empty lot, early renderings by local firm GT/AD Studio hinted at a Southern-California design inspiration, including a distinctive angled roof.

Tacos El Gordo filed updated permits earlier this month allocating an estimated $750,000 in construction costs to create the substantial 7,195-square-foot space, roomy enough for a maximum occupancy of 416.

Located at the intersection with Windy Road and facing the northern entrance to the outdoor mall, initial plans made no reference to a drive-thru, but included two outdoor patios, 232 seats inside, and an extra 36 diners seated within nine booths, plus a section for orders placed at individual serving stations.

A proposed opening date, or future operating hours have not been announced. Tacos El Gordo’s three incredibly popular local restaurants have all returned to action and late-night service on the Strip, at Losee Road in North Las Vegas, and downtown on Charleston Boulevard.

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