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The City Council Wants to Create a Brewery Row in Downtown Las Vegas

Plus the state takes on delivery app fees

A round neon sign with an apartment tower in the background
The 18B sign in the Arts District
Louiie Victa

DOWNTOWN — The Las Vegas City Council wants to create a Brewery Row in the Arts District and Gateway District, where a number of breweries already set up shop. Aside from banners identifying the area, the council plans to recruit new breweries to open with a waiver of the liquor license origination charge. The city identified CraftHaus Brewery, Three Sheets Craft Beer Bar and The Mad Fermentist, Hop Nuts Brewing, Nevada Brew Works, HUDL Brewing Co., Beer District Brewing, and Able Baker Brewing as part of the program, adding Tenaya Creek Brewery and Banger Brewing, although neither is part of the proposed new incentive area. The council plans to vote on the proposed incentive package in late May. [KTNV]

NEVADA — The state senate unanimously approved a proposed piece of legislation that would make delivery services disclose fees, including food, taxes, delivery fees, and the average commission charged to the restaurant. The proposal limits commissions to 20 percent plus a credit card processing fee during the state’s COVID-19 state of emergency, and forces delivery apps such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub to forego marketing charges unless a restaurant agrees to pay an additional fee. Other bills weaving their way through the senate include an effort to prohibit employers from asking job candidates about salary history and current wages so employers compensate based on a worker’s experience and qualifications. [Nevada Independent]

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Hop Nuts Brewing

1120 South Main Street, , NV 89104 (702) 816-5371

CraftHaus Brewery

197 East California Avenue, , NV 89104 (702) 888-1026 Visit Website

HUDL Brewing Co.

1311 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104

Beer District Brewing

914 South Main Street, , NV 89101 (702) 281-3735 Visit Website

Tenaya Creek Brewery

831 West Bonanza Road, , NV 89106 (702) 362-7335 Visit Website

Banger Brewing

450 Fremont St Ste 135, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 456-2739 Visit Website

Able Baker Brewing

1510 South Main Street, , NV 89104 (702) 479-6355 Visit Website

Las Vegas

, , NV

Nevada Brew Works

1327 South Main Street, , NV 89104 (702) 664-1500 Visit Website