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A French Cafe Begins Its Journey to Southern Highlands With Quiche and Galettes

Le Cafe Du Sud comes from the creators of Le Cafe du Lac and Le Cafe du Val

French pastries on Le Cafe Du Lac’s menu, expanding this year to Southern Highlands.
Le Cafe Du Lac
Le Cafe Du Lac/Instagram

Two French cafes built on Gallic inspiration stretching from Brittany to the north and Nice to south, have filed paperwork to begin an expansion to Southern Highlands, overseen by two successful local entrepreneurs.

New paperwork indicates Le Cafe Du Sud will soon begin remodeling a space at the Southern Highlands Corporate Center, located right at the corner of Stonewater Lane and Southern Highlands Parkway and fronted by an easy-to-spot man-made lake. The cafe’s closest dining neighbors include Heavenly Pies and Perk Up Coffee Shop.

Carmen Barbur and David Gazzano are behind the new project, building on the popularity of the four-year-old Le Cafe Du Lac at Lake Las Vegas and Henderson’s Le Cafe du Val at 1550 Horizon Ridge Parkway, soon to celebrate a first anniversary.

First sharing details of an expansion with 8NewsNow, recent filings reveal the Southern Highlands site will require an extensive interior makeover including constructing walls, installing electrical panels, and adding plumbing equipment and restrooms. In February the team estimated a September or October debut, with the possibility of a Centennial expansion in the future.

Both cafes operate from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and serve a popular dine-in and takeout menu featuring pastries, croque monsieur, quiche, and croissant jambon among the breakfast items, plus sandwiches, panini, and a collection of savory galettes, crepes, and salads.

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Heavenly Pies

11370 Southern Highlands Parkway, , NV 89141 (702) 896-0055 Visit Website

Perk Up Coffee Shop

11370 Southern Highlands Pkwy Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89141 (702) 473-5700 Visit Website

Le Cafe Du Sud

11370 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89141 Visit Website

Le Cafe Du Lac

40 Costa Di Lago, Henderson, NV 89011

Le Cafe Du Val

1550 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste G, Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 592-0880