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Six New Ice Cream Shops Bring Milkshakes, Soft Serve, and Novelty Toppings to Las Vegas

Soft serve from Korea, ice cream smashed with doughnuts, paletas made with sweet cream, shave ice, and more are on the way

Two soft serve ice creams in a cup topped with a macaron on one and honeycomb on the other. A brown glass bottle sits on the right.
Milkcow’s Macao Dream and Milky Cube
Milkcow [Official Site]

With temperatures in Las Vegas already hitting triple digits, the city turns to ice cream to cool off. Already, the sheer number of new ice cream shops on the way indicates the city will have a number of great ways to stay cool.

South Korea-based Milkcow brings its first Nevada location for soft serve to Tivoli Village later this summer. The Snow Drop comes topped with organic cotton candy, organic salt, and sweets for an Instagrammable dish. Milky Peace comes topped with sunflower seeds and cashew clusters, then drizzled with pistachio syrup. Milkcow plans to be open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Kono’s out of Hawai‘i debuts on the westside in late July or early August with a roster of ice cream milkshakes in tropical flavors that are just as famous as the kalua pork. Milkshakes come in flavors such as coconut cream pie, strawberry cheesecake, pineapple vanilla, and orange Creamsicle.

The Bay Area’s Teaspoon heads to Las Vegas with its menu of snow ice. Although it has not announced a location yet, the restaurant features snow ice, shaved into ribbons, in flavors including nutty taro, strawberry, mango, kumquat, and the banana, mochi, Nutella, and almond flake “Donkey Kong” dish.

Yonutz opens in Centennial this July with a mix of smashed doughnuts and ice cream. The dessert shop serves ice cream flavors such as S’mores with Chips Ahoy cookies, graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate drizzle and a mini doughnut; strawberry Nesquick with Lucky Charms; French toast with Cinnamon French Toast, sprinkles, a mini doughnut, and maple drizzle; and Berry Bliss with mixed berries and Rice Krispies. A secret menu features milkshakes with Kinder Bueno bars, a birthday cake rendition with Bang Energy drink, a cotton candy version, and more. And the doughnuts and ice cream can be smashed together for flavors such as a Nutella crunch smash doughnut filled with cookie dough ice cream that’s smashed and hot-pressed, then topped with Oreos, cereal crunch, and Nutella drizzle; the unicorn smash doughnut, stuffed with candy ice cream, smashed, hot-pressed, and topped with cotton candy bites and unicorn glitter; and a birthday cake smash milkshake with Oreos and topped with a mini doughnut.

Pennsylvania-based Bruster’s Real Ice Cream heads to to Spring Valley, serving waffle cones, sundaes, and ice cream cakes prepared the “old-fashioned way.” The first of the Bruster’s locations at 2860 S. Durango Drive, close to Edna Avenue, promises a rotating roster of 150 ice cream options with at least 24 different flavors on the menu every day.

Shanghai Plaza lands The Paleta Bar, named after the Spanish word for ice pops. The namesake specialty Popsicles are created with sweet cream, milk, and fruit, plus diverse flavors including avocado, bubble gum, birthday cake, tres leches, and a Kit Kat bar, then drizzled with a choice of chocolate and finished with toppings of candy, nuts, and cereal.

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Tivoli Village

400 South Rampart Boulevard, , NV 89145 (702) 534-0000 Visit Website


400 South Rampart Boulevard – Suite 140, Las Vegas, NV Visit Website

Las Vegas

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Shanghai Plaza

4258 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102


7591-7595 W. Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89128 Visit Website

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

2860 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117 Visit Website

The Paleta Bar

6806 Hollywood Boulevard, , CA 90028 (323) 499-1199 Visit Website


5765 Centennial Center Blvd., Suite 180 , Las Vegas, NV 89149 Visit Website