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Nevada Approves Marijuana Consumption Lounges With the First Arriving by the End of 2021

Existing dispensaries can start the process to open a lounge with stand-alone lounges serving single-use cannabis products on the way as well

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Planet 13
Planet 13 [Official Site]

Nevada may soon have its first cannabis consumption lounges. The Nevada legislature passed a bill that allows two types of cannabis lounges during its 120-day session in Carson City. One type allows an existing dispensary to add a space for a lounge, with only one lounge allowed no matter how many locations a dispensary has. The other model permits independent businesses to build a consumption lounge with single-use cannabis products for sale.

Since Nevada first legalized recreational marijuana dispensaries in 2017 in Nevada, many tourists have discovered that while they can purchase cannabis, they have nowhere to legally consume it unless they know someone who lives in Las Vegas. Cannabis products are not permitted inside casinos and hotels. While not legal in Nevada, tourists resort to consuming marijuana outdoors or in their hotel rooms.

The first consumption lounges could open by the end of 2021. Starting July 1, dispensaries can start the application process for licensing with the Cannabis Compliance Board to open a consumption lounge.

Planet 13 Marijuana Dispensary already plans to open a consumption lounge at its dispensary on Desert Inn Road. “We’ve long believed that tourists needed a safe, legal, and enjoyable place to consume cannabis and have been planning for a consumption lounge at the superstore since the bill was originally proposed two years ago,” Bob Groesbeck, co-CEO of Planet 13, says in a press statement.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, which sits on the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe’s land north of Downtown Las Vegas, offers the only legal consumption lounge in the state. The Vegas Tasting Room offers 90-minute time slots with options such as pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other consumption methods.

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NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

1235 Paiute Circle, , NV 89106 (702) 844-2707 Visit Website

Planet 13 Marijuana Dispensary

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NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

1235 Paiute Circle, , NV 89106 (702) 844-2707 Visit Website