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Manhattan’s Zeppola Bakery Plans to Serve La Colomba and Cannoli at the Venetian

An Italian bakery coming soon to the Grand Canal Shoppes

La Colomba sweet artisanal bread, on the menu at the Zeppola Italian Bakery headed to the Venetian.
Zeppola Italian Bakery
Zeppola Italian Bakery/Venetian

Revealed back in March, New York’s Zeppola Italian Bakery is officially “coming soon” to the Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes and has announced a few hints of what to expect when it debuts on the resort’s replica of St. Marks Square.

Replacing the shuttered two-level Paris Baguette Cafe and facing Italian restaurant Brera Osteria, Zeppola’s sweet and savory casual choices were created by the Numero 28 restaurant group, available since last summer at the original Seventh Avenue location in Manhattan.

Promising freshly baked items for its Las Vegas expansion, customers can expect fruit tarts, cakes, and cookies, plus confirmation the space will offer a full collection of lunch items. On the East Coast, the menu has included Italian sandwiches, carbonara rolls, salads, pasta, and lasagna.

Also on the way, the namesake Zeppola fried dough balls, plus the less common time-intensive La Colomba sweet artisanal bread, upgraded with chocolate chip and candied pear and prepared in the traditional shape of an Easter dove.

An estimated opening date has not been shared.

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Paris Baguette

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