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Pho Ga Tony Tony Counts Down to Summer Debut for Its Famous Chicken Pho in Chinatown

The home of the original phở gà, chicken pho, is on the way

A white bowl of noodle soup.
Pho Ga Tony Tony
Pho Ga Tony Tony/Instagram

Earlier than expected, Duluth and Norcross, Georgia’s famed Pho Ga Tony Tony restaurant has revealed its first Las Vegas expansion is on target for a summer debut, and preparing to serve chicken pho dishes, “so delicious you’ll cry.”

Sharing on social media it now expects to be open by the end of July, the 3,420-square-foot corner space replaces Pho Little Saigon at the Spring Mountain Square retail center, close to the intersection with Valley View Boulevard.

A tribute to Philadelphia’s famed Pho Ga Thanh Thanh, run by the parent's of Pho Ga Tony Tony’s co-owner and executive chef Tony Le, the Georgia locations have been attracting rave reviews since 2019.

Focused almost exclusively on Vietnamese phở gà, or chicken pho, “like you’ve never had before,” the pared-down menu serves bowls of rice, egg, and fat rice noodles, upgraded with quarter, half, and whole chicken portions on the side. Diners are encouraged to dip the chicken into the broth. The Norcross menu also features a chicken over rice platter, delivered with ramekins of pho broth and ginger fish sauce.

Future opening hours have yet to be announced.

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Pho Ga Tony Tony

3775 Spring Mountain Road, , NV 89102 (725) 204-8084

Pho Little Saigon

3775 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 221-2111