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New York Chef Shaun Hergatt Brings His Caviar Experience to Resorts World

Hergatt earned Michelin stars for three of his New York City restaurants

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Shaun Hergatt
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Resorts World, the first resort built from the ground up on the Las Vegas Strip in almost a decade, just opened, and already the resort has another new restaurant on the way. Caviar Bar from chef Shaun Hergatt plans to open on the north end of the District, the 70,000-square-foot shopping esplanade that sits on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Hergatt, who grew up in Queensland, Australia, had fine dining restaurants SHO and Juni in New York City, and both earned Michelin stars when they were open. He opened Vestry, a vegetable- and seafood-focused restaurant in the Dominick Hotel, last October, and also received a Michelin star there.

Hergatt moved to New York City to be the chef de cuisine at the Ritz-Carlton before going on to open fine dining establishment SHO, which earned two Michelin stars and a two-star review in the New York Times, closed in 2013. Juni, which closed in 2016, also earned a Michelin star for its polished tasting menu.

In Vegas, he brings caviar and cocktails. Diners can order Russian Osetra, beluga, Kaluga gold, and more, or turn to the warm section of the tight menu for savory baby waffles with crème fraiche and caviar, smoked salmon lavoche and caviar, sea urchin with bonito gelee and caviar, and other caviar-centric dishes.

The restaurant plans to have a wine list along with cocktails such as the Cortez with sparkling wine, canela syrup, Amontillado sherry, and lemon; the Helmsley Tangle with Manzanilla sherry, Bonal, Creme de Mure, lemon, and blackberries; or the Quick Sip with Vermouth di Torino, Pimm’s #1, ginger, orange, hyssop, and tarragon.

When the restaurant opens, it sits across from Carversteak, the steakhouse from Sean Christie opening in December. Vital Vegas reports that former Scotch 80 Prime chef Daniel Ontiiveros joined the Carversteak team as executive chef.

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