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Bay Area’s Teaspoon Bringing Boba, Snow Ice, and Mochi Doughnuts to Las Vegas

A “one-of-a-kind beverage experience” is on the way

Jasmine milk tea and the flamingo boba drink at Teaspoon, a California boba cafe.

Boasting of handcrafted service and quality ingredients, California's Teaspoon cafe chain has grown rapidly since its 2015 debut and is now announcing a Nevada expansion is headed to Las Vegas.

Yet to reveal a location, or an estimated opening date, Xavien Hood will be behind the venture, the company’s first out-of-state expansion as it builds to more than 25 locations by the end of the year.

Famed for generating long lines of customers on opening days, in addition to its beverage menu, Teaspoon features snow ice, shaved into ribbons, in flavors including nutty taro, strawberry, mango, kumquat, and the banana, mochi, Nutella, and almond flake “Donkey Kong” dish.

The brand has also recently added mochi doughnuts and muffins, baking, not frying, the butter-mochi snacks.

Specialty drinks remain the core attraction, serving more than a dozen tea choices that have included jasmine, fruit jade green tea, caramel cream, honey, and oolong, with toppings of jellies, almond pudding, honey, popping boba, and aloe vera. Collectible glass bottles with a bamboo screw cap can be purchased for return visits.

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Chewy Boba

4632 S. Maryland Pkwy, Are 19, Las Vegas, NV 89119