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Magician Criss Angel’s Restaurant Does a Reappearing Act When It Returns in September

Angel closed Cablp in July in Overton to hire more staff, install a new refrigerator, and more

A man stands with his arms crossed in front of a restaurant
Magician Criss Angel stands in front of his new restaurant Cablp
Kirvin Doak

Mindfreak magician Criss Angel’s restaurant did a vanishing act in July after being open for one week. Angel opened Cablp — short for Criss Angel’s Breakfast, Lunch & Pizza — in Overton, about 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas in the former Sugars Home Plate restaurant on July 24 and then temporarily closed the restaurant on July 30 to regroup. Now Angel tells his fans that Cablp returns on September 2.

The restaurant will now be open Thursday through Monday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with the walk-up window serving from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

When Cablp opened on July 24, it experienced about 750 customers a day, leaving the restaurant without enough food and supplies every day. The POS system crashed multiple times. Angel closed the restaurant to hire additional staff, install a new refrigeration system, and expand the kitchen.

Eight Italian ice cups in different colors
Cablp Ice at Cablp

Angel tells ViewOn magazine that he plans to open 20 more locations in Nevada, Arizona, and California in the next year. He also wants to manufacture his Italian ice, dubbed Cablp Ice, in flavors that change periodically.

Angel and his partners, pizzamaker Mike Baram and brother Costa Sarantakos, brought on executive chef Amy Coram Reynolds to handle the menu that takes a something-for-everyone approach.

Angel performs his 90-minute Mindfreak magic show at Planet Hollywood Resort.

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