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Abracadabra — Magician Criss Angel’s Restaurant Is Ready to Reappear After a One-Month Revamp

The Mindfreak magician’s Cablp closed July 30 after overwhelming demand ran the restaurant out of food

A pizza with a hand cutting it with a pizza cutter.
Pizza at Criss Angel’s Cablp.

A week after Mindfreak magician Criss Angel opened his restaurant in Overton in late July, Cablp (pronounced cuh-blip) did a vanishing act after more than 750 customers a day overwhelmed the staff. After a month-long break, the restaurant, which took over the former Sugars Home Plate, gets ready to reopen on September 2 with new refrigerators, walk-in freezers, ice machines, an improved POS system, and elevated training.

When Cablp — short for Criss Angel’s Breakfast, Lunch & Pizza — opened on July 24, it experienced about 750 customers a day, leaving the restaurant without enough food and supplies. The POS system crashed multiple times. Angel closed the restaurant to hire additional staff, install a new refrigeration system, and expand the kitchen.

Back on July 30, Angel tweeted about the temporarily closure: “We have been averaging over 750 customers per day. While we are thrilled to be able to serve so many people, the volume of visitors and meals exceeded even our most ambitious projections by fourfold.”

During the hiatus, Angel took to the streets of Overton to hand out free slices of pizza to pump up interest in the reopening. Angel also tells ViewOn magazine that he plans to open 20 more locations in Nevada, Arizona, and California in the next year.

Angel and his partners, pizzamaker Mike Baram and brother Costa Sarantakos, brought on executive chef Amy Coram Reynolds and Kurt Calabreseto handle the menu that takes a something-for-everyone approach with breakfast staples, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and more. Coffee brewmaster and roaster William Swaney also came on board to handle the Javafreak coffee.

While on hiatus at the restaurant, Angel teased that his Italian ice, which comes in rotating flavors made at his Mindfoods plant in Las Vegas, is headed to the Strip at an undisclosed location.

Caplp now plans to be open Thursday through Monday with dine-in and a walk-up, takeout window, with plans to expand to six and seven days soon. Angel performs his 90-minute Mindfreak magic show at Planet Hollywood Resort.

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