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Aria Pays Tribute to Las Vegas Raiders Stars Derek Carr, Darren Waller With Chocolate Replicas

The pastry team at Aria Patisserie spent four weeks designing the chocolate statues

A replica of a Las Vegas Raiders quarterback and tight end
Life-sized chocolate replicas of Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, left, and tight end Darren Waller are on display at Aria Patisserie.
Al Powers

The Las Vegas Raiders kick off their 2021 season at Allegiant Stadium on Monday, and the city is ready to celebrate. The sphinx in front of the Luxor sports an eye patch. The replica of the Statue of Liberty donned a silver and black uniform last season in front of New York-New York. And now two of the Raiders get memorialized in chocolate at Aria.

The pastry chefs at Aria Patisserie created life-sized recreations of quarterback Derek Carr and tight end Darren Waller in chocolate, sugar, and fondant, now on display at the pastry shop along with a replicas of Allegiant Stadium and the Las Vegas skyline.

A team of 10 pastry chefs spent four weeks creating the display, which used more than 40 pounds of fondant, 100 pounds of sugar, and 200 pounds of chocolate. Last week, Waller visited his own lookalike, handcrafted from 80 pounds of chocolate.

The Raiders chocolate showcase remains on display at Aria Patisserie throughout the season. The bakery also has silver and black cakes and confections that customers can purchase.

A display with a chocolate replica of a quarterback
A life-sized chocolate replica of Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.
Al Powers
A display with a chocolate replica of a tight end
Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller now has a life-sized chocolate replica at Aria.
Al Powers


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