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HaiDiLao, the ‘Ferrari of Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants,’ Heads to the Las Vegas Strip

China’s dominant high-end hot pot chain opens its first Las Vegas restaurant at Resorts World

House mascot, Mr. Tomato, at the HaiDiLao Chinese hot pot restaurant.
HaiDiLao hot pot restaurant.

Global powerhouse HaiDiLao, dubbed by the late food writer Jonathan Gold as the “Ferrari of Chinese hot pot restaurants,” filed early paperwork to open its first Las Vegas location on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant plans to take over an existing, empty shell space at Resorts World, joining more than 40 existing food and beverage options, with eight more already planned for this winter. So far, HaiDiLao did not announce a location at the new resort on the north end of the Strip.

Also known as Hai Di Lao, since 1994 the Sichuan-style restaurant has grown to an imposing 1,597 locations across three continents, featuring quality and seldom-seen ingredients, a higher price point than its competitors, and a very strong emphasis on customer service. The restaurant arrived at California’s Westfield Santa Anita mall back in 2013, and U.S. expansions include Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. To entertain and occupy customers while they wait for a table, the East Coast branch previously offered complimentary hand treatments, shoe shines, games, massage chairs, a children’s play area, and a stuffed mascot, named Mr. Tomato, who can sit across from single diners to make them feel less lonely.

HaiDiLao tables come equipped with four metal pots bubbling with spicy broths. Using an iPad, customers can order ingredients from the lengthy menu to swish and cook at their seat. Alongside familiar hot pot choices and set meal package deals, HaiDiLao also serves beef tripe, duck feet, boneless fish, noodles, pig brain, lamb, mutton, quail egg, sausage, squid, and tilapia,

Named after a lucky move in the game of mahjong, where a player wins with the final tile of the game, details of the Las Vegas outpost have not been announced.

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