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Sydney, Australia Drink Craze With Chewy, Nutty Purple Rice Heads to Spring Mountain Road

Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt opens soon in Chinatown’s Golden Spring Plaza

Two cups of purple rice and fresh yogurt beverages, coming to San Diego from Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt.
Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt.
Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt/Instagram

Generating huge lines of eager customers when it debuted in the Sydney, Australia's Chinatown, Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt expanded to more than 400 global outposts within three short years, and now secured its first location in Las Vegas. Yomie’s already operates in California and Seattle with a menu created around purple rice and fresh yogurt drinks it promotes as a healthier alternative to boba tea. Recently filing construction paperwork, the local expansion moves into space 6b at the very active Golden Spring Plaza on Spring Mountain Road. The plaza recently saw the debut of Jong-Ro Chicken and is waiting on the arrival of two Korean restaurants, Napal Baji, a 1980s-inspired, retro Korean izakaya, and a more traditional restaurant called MiMiDam.

Claiming to serve 10,000 cups of its house specialty every day, Yomie’s California counter-service outlets are designed with a minimalist, bright white design. Drinks are prepared in branded containers, sealed with a lid to be shaken and punctured with a straw. The chewy, nutty purple rice creates an alternative to boba pearls and the brand is quick to promote the antioxidant, fiber, and protein benefits over its competitors.

While Yomie’s did not release details of its future menu or hours, the West Coast stores serve smoothies made with yogurt and fresh fruit, plus energy grain versions and additions of avocado, salted egg yolk, durian yogurt, and passion fruit, all blended without preservatives and colorings.

Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

5845 Spring Mountain Rd., #6b, Las Vegas, NV 89146 Visit Website

Golden Spring Plaza

5925 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Jong-Ro Chicken

5865 Spring Mountain Road, , NV 89146 (702) 405-7421 Visit Website


5865 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 (702) 209-3880 Visit Website

Napal Baji

5865 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89146 Visit Website