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Swanky Las Vegas Favorite Ghostbar Will Return to the Palms This Spring

When the property reopens this spring, the new owners plan to bring back the iconic nightlife destination

A swanky bar with a view of Las Vegas.
The view from Ghostbar.
The Palms

Back in May 2021, Eater Vegas reported on the Stations Casino decision to sell the Palms San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The resort has remained closed since March of 2020, and there’s been little news about what the new owners plan for the property. Until earlier this week, that is, when the Palms Twitter account broke the news that they plan to bring back Ghostbar, the rooftop nightclub that has long been a favorite among Las Vegans.

Representatives for the Palms said they don’t have any further intel right now, but said they’re excited to bring back the local favorite. Ghostbar opened in 2001, and was immediately a hit for it’s swanky, 55th-floor views of the strip. An opening date for the Palms has not yet been set, but people are speculating that it will be sometime in the next few months, and the tweet announcing Ghostbar’s return said spring, so stay tuned.

Seattle-based Russian bakery Piroshky Piroshky is doing a Vegas pop-up

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for better Russian bakery options in Las Vegas, you’ll be pleased to hear that Seattle-based bakery Piroshky Piroshky is coming to Vegas for a one-day pop-up. The bakery is best known for its appearance on the late Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. The bakery will be accepting orders for pick up on February 6, with a minimum order of $50, which is a lot of piroshki, though they offer an incredibly varied selection of the filled dumpling treats. Order through the website.

Fernet Branca celebrates its 175th Anniversary with events on the Strip

Want to meet the scion of the famed Italian amaro company Fernet Branca? We didn’t think so. Nonetheless, the brand is celebrating its 175th(!) anniversary with a two events on Monday, January 24. The evening will be hosted by Edoardo Branca, the sixth generation owner in the Branca family, and current managing director of the U.S. operation. The first event will be hosted at Brezza, which happens to have the only Fernet tap on the strip, with the afterparty raging on at Bar Zazu. Tickets for the cocktail party at Brezza are $84 and include food and drink. Admission to the afterparty is free.