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Three pitas filled with grilled veggies and sauce.
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Celebrity Chef Eyal Shani Opens Popular Pita Restaurant Miznon on the Las Vegas Strip

Miznon opens with fluffy pita and eclectic dishes on the Las Vegas Strip

Janna Karel is the Editor for Eater Vegas.

Chef Eyal Shani will open his first of two Israeli restaurants at the Venetian Resort on Thursday, December 8. Miznon will bring its fluffy pitas, eclectic menu names, and unusual dishes to the space formerly occupied by David Chang’s Moon Palace. Next year, Shani’s HaSalon will open across the hall, in the former Majordomo space.

A pita wrapped in white paper stands on a tabletop stuffed with a burger patty, pickle, tomato, and crispy cheese.

Miznon has locations in seven other countries as well as in New York and Boston — this will be his first on the west coast. The menu for his Las Vegas location — which is written entirely in Comic Sans font — is divided into those served in a pita and those without. There are five vegetable pitas, including the wild mushroom pita ($16.50), described as “a whole forest burned on hot steel, scallions, sour cream, spicy.” Of the nine filled with meat, the “best bolognese spaghetti in town” ($16.50) fills a pita with beef ragu and spaghetti. The rib eye minute steak ($19) is joined by tahini, tomato salsa, and spicy green peppers. On the Out-of-Pita menu, order the bag of green beans, served cold and crunchy with olive oil, lemon, salt, and garlic and worth every one of the $11 it costs. Or take Shani’s word for it and go for the $18 “the best Hummus plate that you will ever eat, topped with melting chickpeas.”

Three pita sandwiches and the steamed and charred caulflower
Robert Sietsema

Shani’s menu is fanciful, but he takes the food seriously, often employing words like “vibration” and “energy” when talking about it. He describes vegetables as “mysterious creatures.” Some of the classics joining the Las Vegas menu include a head of baby cauliflower ($12), a folded cheeseburger with char on both sides ($16.50) and the “run over potato,” ($11) a flattened spud slathered in sour cream, garlic, and scallions.

Miznon roasted cauliflower

Miznon will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., starting on December 8.

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